Claudia Soul

The Clarity Doctor

About Claudia

Claudia Soul is an entrepreneur, international speaker, clarity coach and business trainer based in Sydney, Australia. She is an expert in human change and personal development having spent 20 years in the industry. Claudia is referred to as the Clarity Doctor for her ability to clear what she calls, the unconscious cobwebs, that cause entrepreneurs and leaders to get stuck, lose momentum and falter in their vision.
In her role as consultant and coach, Claudia uses her signature method, The Clarity Solution™ for both individual entrepreneurs and companies. Each and every Clarity Solution™ is tailored to the individual entrepreneur or company. A Clarity Solution™ allows for vision, purpose, and goals to be clearly articulated so focus can be maintained and momentum gained. The result is a profitable business and a focused entrepreneur who also becomes a great leader.
Claudia is the Founder of Claudia Soul International and HAIR NATION, a boutique, online e-commerce brand of hair-care products. HAIR NATION boasts a 46,000 strong following. She is also a brand ambassador for Clarity, the multi-level marketing and new age health product created in the USA.
Claudia speaks at seminars, conducts workshops in mindset for entrepreneurs and speaks at events such as the Habitude Warrior Conference in San Francisco, Dallas Texas, London and Australia. She is regularly interviewed about clarity, mindset, leadership and personal development on radio. She has been interviewed on the Ace Michaels Show in Las Vegas, The Internet Marketing and Business Solutions Show with Ronald Couming in the USA which has a reach of over 1 million listeners. Claudia was also interviewed on the topic of authenticity by Australian celebrity branding expert Zahrina Robertson, for Brand You, the branding module in the Personal Business Advising. Claudia also co-hosts the web based radio show, My Holistic Lifestyle from Los Angeles. Claudia’s first book will be released in early 2017 and outlines the foundation for clarity, based on 20 years in the personal development realm and how to cultivate and maintain clarity as an entrepreneur.
Over the last 20 years as a psychotherapist, Claudia has helped thousands of people overcome fear and breakthrough limitations to gain clarity in their lives and reach their full potential. Her inspiration to enter the personal development field came from a challenging childhood in which leadership and achieving potential were not encouraged. It was her journey to rise above her childhood and engage in personal development that showed her the value of clarity as the foundation for self-awareness, authenticity and ultimately success in both business and life