Junior Warriors Program

Give the gift of success to your children who are our future!

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Confidence, Leadership


Personal Development

Allow our Experts to teach your kids from ages 8 to 18 in 3 different modules of success. We enhance your child’s techniques in building their confidence levels, leadership skills, non-bullying efforts, and personal development for their future success!

Children Are Our Absolute Future

Each Child will walk away from this amazing 1 day Conference with a new, enhanced bounce in their step for success. They will each have a Junior Habitudes Certificate of Completion as well.

Junior Warrior Speakers

We have many surprise guest speakers! Don’t have your kids miss out on this amazing junior habitudes success camp. We teach our Junior Habitude participants tools they are NOT taught in schools. Allow your child or a child you sponsor to become a Junior Habitude Warrior! Become a family of personal growth!